Experimental Software and Toolkits

Previous editions of the WASDETT workshop series (in particular, WASDeTT-1 at ECOOP 2008 and WASDeTT-3 at ASE 2010) have been associated with special issues on Experimental Software and Toolkits (EST) of Elsevier’s Science of Computer Programming journal. The EST issue for WASDeTT-1 has been published, the EST issue for WASDeTT-3 is in preparation. Another EST special issue will be associated with WASDETT-4 at ECOOP 2011. Depending on the amount and quality of submissions, this special issue may invite papers from the workshop only, or be broadened to an open call.

All tool-related workshop papers are potential candidates for the special issue. The authors of a subset of these articles will be invited to submit to EST based on the quality of their paper and their tool demonstration during the workshop. Thus, not every tool-related paper will be selected automatically for EST. After the workshop, authors will be informed whether or not their tool paper has been selected for submission to the special issue. Where possible, the special issue papers will be evaluated by the same reviewers as the earlier tool paper submitted to WASDeTT. The size of articles for the special issues will be between 15 and 25 pages.

For the special issue, a thoroughly revised version of the accepted WASDeTT paper has to be submitted along with the actual tool. Only papers and tools of sufficiently high quality will be accepted for publication in the journal. Note that the tool itself will be evaluated too, based upon the following criteria: ease of installation, quality of (user) documentation, ease of usage, applicability to the intended domain, and quality of source code (optional).

If you have further questions regarding the EST special issue please contact Mark van den Brand or Kim Mens.

The EST special issues published can be found at the following Science of Computer Programming issues:

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