Call for Contributions

Since the workshop has an interest not only in tool-builder issues, but also in the academic tools themselves, two different kinds of contributions are solicited from potential participants:

Tool-related papers

Tool-related papers present an (academic) tool and discuss how the tool was built. The paper should address issues such as the tools architecture, important design decisions and their impact on functional requirements and quality attributes, and lessons learned that are of interest to other tool builders. These tool-related papers and their associated tools are eligible for publication in the EST special issue.
We deliberately do not put any restrictions on the kinds of tools that can be submitted: the tools can be early prototypes, may have been around for years, or may have recently undergone a drastic re-implementation. Nevertheless we do have a particular interest in experimental research tools (as opposed to commercial tools). For more mature, established tools we ask the authors to emphasize in particular the impact the tool has had on the community.

Position papers

Position papers state a novel position or vision on issues related to tool building. Importantly, such a paper should serve as a foundation for interesting discussions at the workshop. In spite of our focus on experimental research tools, we explicitly solicit position papers from software industrials as well.
Since the EST special issue will focus on tool-related papers only, these position papers will not be eligible for the special issue.

Format and size

If there is no format imposed by the ECOOP workshop chairs, we will mandate the one of Elsevier’s Science of Computer Programming journal. We plan to have all position papers between 5–10 pages, and tool-related papers between 10–20 pages.

Reviewing process

Both type of papers will be peer-reviewed, the position papers by the workshops organizers only, the tool-related papers by an international program committee.

Submission website

Participants should submit their position paper or tool paper via EasyChair before the indicated deadline.