History of this workshop series

This workshop series was previously held at ECOOP 2008, ICSM 2008, and ASE 2010. It focuses specifically on Academic Software Development Tools and Techniques, and devotes particular attention to academic tools and tool building issues. The term “development” used in the workshop title should be interpreted in the largest sense possible to encompass not only software development per se but any software engineering activity that is relevant to software developers in the context of tool development.
It is a deliberate focus of this workshop series to rotate co-location between different venues to target different communities and tool domains. Based on our workshop at ECOOP 2008, which attracted many contributions in the area of reengineering, development and evolution of object-oriented programming languages, we observed that ECOOP targets research interests and applied tools that are a good fit with WASDeTT. Thus, we are looking forward to have WASDeTT-4 again at ECOOP.

Links to previous editions

Information about previous editions of this workshop series can be found here:

Picture of the WASDETT 2010 workshop at ASE 2010